Our Plans - Capital Developments

The implementation of the Government decision to reorganise the acute hospital system is a key priority in the reform of acute hospitals. Hospital Groups will continue to develop and progress the recommendations and associated governance and management arrangements of the report The Establishment of Hospital Groups as a Transition to Independent hospital Trusts. In 2015/2016 there will be a particular focus on (i) key infrastructural changes such as Hospital Groups and Community Healthcare Organisations (ii) service improvements in areas such as integrated care and specific speciality services and (ii) strategic enablers such as the individual health identifier. A number of key deliverables have been identified that will provide assurance that hospital groups and in parallel individual hospitals are achieving performance in relation to the quality and safety of services, financial resources, access to services and effective use of the effort of its overall workforce. 

Capital Developments 2016

CUH are undertaking a €100m capital development programme



Development Progress

Paediatric Unit

  • Phase 1 - build programme to be completed by November 2016
  • Phase 2 – funding received to progress to Design stage
View development progress here

Radiation Oncology Unit


  • Planning permission granted
  • Contractor appointed for enabling work
  • Funding received for Bracktherapy Equipment
View development progress here

Blood Sciences Project 

  • Design Team appointed – request for managed service approved

Ophthalmology Transfer – Phase 2


  • Project group in place
  • Application for planning permission for new OPD facility submitted
View development progress here


  • Interim helipad in place – Design team have been appointed and are commencing with a review of proposals for an on campus helipad.

 Upgrades & Refurbishments

  • Ward GA. General refurbishment currently underway 
  • Wall protection and handrail upgrades currently proceeding all over the hospital
  • Autoclave replacement in the sterilisation department is progressing with works aiming to be completed by the end of the year.  
  • Design Proposals for a new room to house a new SPECT CT scanning machine are currently progressing.



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