Cork University Hospital, as one of the largest entities in the HSE, has a very significant revenue and capital expenditure annually and a variety of goods and services. The procurement of these goods and services is driven by the HSE Procurement policy as we strive to achieve greater value for money. Tenders are generally advertised via the Government eTenders website.

Further information on the HSE’s Procurement function, including a Supplier’s Charter can be viewed here.


HSE Update on Supplier Charter

HSE Procurement introduced a Supplier Charter in 2010, which outlines what HSE expects from its suppliers and service providers in conducting business with HSE and also what suppliers / service providers can expect from HSE. This Charter was widely circulated by HSE.

In particular I would like to draw your attention to two key elements of this Charter:

  • Give advance notice of all sales and marketing activity occurring on HSE sites
  • Avoid engaging in any activity which might reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to affect the impartiality of HSE employees

With particular regard to Cork University Hospital I am advising your company that all future sales activity is to be conducted only by appointment with designated Procurement/Sourcing & Contracting staff. Furthermore all casual and unauthorised visits are to be discontinued with immediate effect. This will ensure that all Patient & Staff Safety issues, as well as commercial and product issues, can be managed appropriately and in the correct environment for all concerned.


As and from 1st November 2010 the following process will be in place:

All Company Representatives visiting CUH will be required to sign in at Main Reception and provide the following detail:

  • Time & Date of arrival
  • Name of HSE staff / Department they are visiting
  • Purpose of visit
    Email/written confirmation of their meeting or other documentary evidence will be required.

On completion of this information, reception staff will issue a temporary visitors badge which must be displayed by the Representative for the duration of his / her visit to CUH. When the meeting has ended this badge must be returned to reception and time of departure entered in the visitor's book.

Stephen Lynch
Assistant Head of Logistics & Inventory Management

Last Modified Date: 20/06/2016 11:33:35