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Employee Assistance Programme


The Employee Assistance Service provides a confidential counselling support and referral service for all staffwith personal or work related difficulties. Advice and guidance is available to Managers in dealing with staffwelfare issues. The Employee Assistance Service also provides formal structured support to groups of staff whohave experienced stress reactions as a result of a critical incident in the work place.

The HSE Employee Assistance  (EA) is available to all Employees for support with both personal and work-related concerns.

A wide range of issues is dealt with by EA, including:

  • Stress at work
  • Difficult relationships in work (including bullying)
  • Traumatic events (e.g. assault, suicide)
  • Addictions
  • Personal issues outside of work (e.g. bereavement, relationships)

The service provides, on a confidential basis:

  • Professional assessment
  • Personal support
  • Counselling
  • Referral onwards to other professional resources where appropriate
  • Trauma support
  • EA is a confidential service, and is free of charge to all HSE Employees

The service is provided by trained and experienced counsellors who are professionally
qualified and bound by the codes of conduct of the professional bodies to which they

Managers may contact the service for advice and guidance on issues relating to Employee

The service participates in the provision of lectures/training as required, in areas where
the Employee Assistance Professional has relevant expertise, e.g. stress management,
post trauma support, team building and management training

The service provides feedback to the organisation regarding broad issues which may
enhance Employee Wellbeing and the organisation's effectiveness


Access to the service
Dorothy O’Neill, DirectorEmployee Assistance
Rosarii MurphyEmployee Assistance Officer
Nancy FinucaneEmployee Assistance Officer


Contact Us
Telephone+353 (0)21 4922019
 +353 (0)21 4922018


Please feel free to inquire for further information about our service at the above numbers