Support Services

Continence Advisory Service

A specialist midwife in continence advice is available to assist with any bladder or bowel problems you may have; either during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. We will ask you during your first visit to the Antenatal Clinic if you have any problems in this area and your midwife can refer you to the service. You may also contact the continence advisor Jacqui Dunlea on telephone number (021) 4920761.


Perineal Clinic

This clinic is for women who have 3rd or 4th degree tear from labour. We will see you at the clinic six months after giving birth, take your medical history and examine you. We also do an ano-rectal manometry (pressure measurements of the anal canal using a fine tube) and an endo-anal ultrasound (takes images of the sphincters). We will advise and treat you based on your symptoms and the results of your tests. We will advise you on pelvic floor rehabilitation and future pregnancies and delivery. This appointment takes about a half an hour.


Urodynamics Clinic

We assess urinary incontinence at our urodynamics clinic. It provides a gold standard in the diagnosis, which helps informed treatment choice and improves treatment outcome. This test takes approximately one hour.

You may contact Elaine Dilloughery, CMM2 at 4920765 for further information.


Pessary Clinic

This service is available to women with pelvic organ prolapsed and urinary incontinence. Ring pessaries are used in the conservative management. Your assessment takes approximately 20 minutes.


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