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"Seconds To Live" featuring Cork's Rapid Response Doctors

26 November 2015


Reality Bites Documentary‘ Seconds to Live’ features Cork’s  Rapid Response Doctors

Transmission: RTE 2, Thursday 26th November 2015 at 10pm

“Seconds to live” is a fly on the wall documentary filmed over the course of five months in Cork and Kerry, which looks at the work and personal lives of Cork’s Rapid Response team of specialist doctors who volunteer their time in order to ‘bring the emergency department to the roadside’ in extreme cases.

The Rapid Response doctors DrJason VanderVelde, Dr Adrian Murphy and DrHugh Doran, volunteer with the National Ambulance Service when not doing their day job.  They are an additional resource, which can be tasked to the scene of major accidents or emergencies in the Cork and Kerry area. 

emergency in action

They  are featured in the ‘Seconds to Live’ TV programme, which will air tomorrow night on RTE 2 at 10:00pm.  The documentary captures these doctors as the save lives alongside their Advanced Paramedic, Paramedic, Fire Service, Coast Guard, Gardaí, RNLI and Defence Force colleagues. 

The programme also highlights the recent initiatives by Dr David Menzies (St Vincent’s Hospital) who has commenced the Wicklow Rapid Response and Dr Jason Horan (Mayo General Hospital) who has recently started the Mayo Rapid Response.

The narrative is punctuated with interviews with the doctors as they offer insights into their lives at home, at work and on the road.