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Corks 96fm Radiothon - Giving For Living

25 May 2015


A huge thank you to everyone for raising €377,657 for cancer services in Cork.


radiothon total money


Funds raised through the 2015 Giving for Living Radiothon will be granted to the benefiting charities in the manner mutually agreed with Cork’s 96FM. Cancer Services at Cork University Hospital is one of chosen beneficiaries.

Cork University Hospital

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2014 contributed to the following:

  • Solid State High Resolution Catheter for the Colorectal Services. (€14,600)
  • Clear laminated safety glass for the Main Reception Desk in the Breast Imaging Unit. (€3,620)
  • FYI Breast Cancer App. This is an information module for patients with breast cancer and poor health and literacy skills. (€7,239)
  • Health information video clip, in conjunction with the FYI: Breast Cancer App for use on social media. (€1,475)
  • Mini-fridges (x2) installed in rooms in GB Ward for Oncology Patients who are at high risk of infection. (€318)
  • Trolley (x1) for the Dunmanway Day Unit for Chemotherapy Patients. (€800)
  • Anti Microbial Dim-out Cubicle Curtains in the Bowel Cancer Unit (for patient privacy and dignity). (€21,157)
  • Purchase and installation of new televisions (x9) in the Gynaecological Cancer Ward in CUMH. (€5,412)

Funds raised this year 2015 will help with the following:

  • Anorectal Manometry Probe to assist in the diagnosis of cancer of the colon. (€15,000)
  • Portable Oxymeters for Endoscopy Unit to monitor patient’s oxygen levels. (€850 each)
  • Cryoprobe Biopsy Forceps for larger biopsies of lung cancer tissue to help avoid putting patients through surgical lung biopsies. (€3,000)
  • Refitting and soft furnishings for Step-down Recovery Room for Endoscopy Patients after procedure (including patient relaxer chairs and refreshment machines). (€1,500)
  • Neurosurgery Console unit – allowing precise surgical guidance in the neuronavigational work before and during brain surgery for patients with tumours (€32,000)
  • Neurosurgery Drills for cranial access for resection of malignant tumours. (€22,000)
  • C-arm, which is used during bronchoscopy to help identify small peripheral lung cancers for a more accurate biopsy.
  • Video-conferencing/audio-visual equipment for multi-disciplinary Room – to facilitate daily Patient Pathway Conferencing for off-site medical teams. (€7,000)


About Radiothon 2015

Cork’s 96FM Giving for Living Radiothon was live on air on 21st, 22nd and 23rd May 2015. This year’s Giving for Living Radiothon will support Cancer Services in Cork at the Mercy Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Marymount Hospice, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Cork Arc Cancer Support House.

As part of the Cork’s 96fm Giving for Living Radiothon we will play stories about people’s personal experiences with cancer. With your support, we can make real change happen to ensure those dealing with cancer get the care they deserve right on their doorstep.

Funds raised through the 2015 Giving for Living Radiothon will be granted to the benefiting charities in the manner mutually agreed with Cork’s 96FM. See Where The Funds Go in each of the five charities. 

Further information on Giving For Living 2015 Radiothon