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Implementing Change to Improve the Patient Journey at CUH

06 July 2015


Cork University Hospital is showing that improvements to patient care and flow are possible through initiatives, investment and collective commitment.

Is the challenge of eliminating trolleys in our hospitals and in the process immeasurably improving the experience of patients an impossible goal to achieve? I don’t believe so and I hope to describe here the change programme that is being implemented in Cork University Hospital (CUH) in collaboration with many other partners with a shared sense of commitment and ownership. 

The Hospital is the busiest in the country with 30,000 emergency admissions and 17,000 planned admissions per year (including maternity services). In addition we treat 85,000 day cases and have 300,000 outpatient attendances each year. As a result of multiple change programmes over the past number of years the Hospital now has the lowest average length of stay for any of the large teaching hospitals at less than five days. This is in no small way a result of the implementation of HSE national care programmes but more importantly a result of the commitment of staff who have demonstrated a capacity to implement large scale change despite reductions in pay over the past few years.

Read full article by Mr. Tony McNamara, Chief Executive, Cork University Hospital Group