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Jubliant Gospel Choir

11 April 2017

Jubilant Gospel Choir

CUH Arts Committee welcome the Jubilant Gospel Choir on Thursday 27th April at 10.30am in the CRC Atrium.

The Jubilant Gospel Girls (Italy) choir was born in 1997 as a church choir composed of 15 children and directed by then high school students Nicole Papa and Francesco Facconi. During its first years the choir served at Sunday mass but quickly began singing also at wedding ceremonies and performing in concerts. The choir began to study Spiritual and Gospel music very soon and understood that performing as a gospel choir was its true mission.

Twenty years have passed and The Jubilant Gospel Choir has grown both in age and from an artistic point of view. The passion which has brought and kept together the girls and all its collaborators in these years has helped it grow into a big family always ready to experiment new opportunities. After a cherished first Non-Competitive participation at the 2011 Cork International Choral Festival, the choir chose to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Cork this year.

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