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Note of thanks from Hospital CEO

05 March 2018



I am writing to extend a very sincere note of thanks to the staff of Cork University Hospital who through their various extraordinary endeavours, ensured that we continued to provide patient services to the highest quality possible given the extreme circumstances.

I want to genuinely acknowledge the efforts of staff who went beyond the call of duty to come to work in many departments of the hospital that enabled us to continue to provide patient care.

I know of many staff who walked to work, who arranged transport to get to work, who stayed in the hospital and other accommodation and who in the process discommoded themselves and their families in the interest of patient care.

We owe every one of you a deep debt of gratitude. I know of many other staff who made themselves available by telephone and who would have come to the hospital had they been able to travel or commute and again I am very grateful to those staff.

We can be justifiably proud of the enormous efforts made by our staff and of course by the Emergency Services and the many volunteers who gave of their time to assist us in transporting patients and staff to and from the hospital.

I would appreciate if you could bring this message to the attention of all staff in your respective areas and most importantly those who do not have direct access to email.

J. A. McNamara

Chief Executive Officer.