Hospital Sterile Services

Hospital Sterile Services Department (HSSD)

Cork University Hospital

Phone +353 (0)21 4123456 Fax +353 (0)21 4920085


The Hospital Sterile Services Department (HSSD) is a demand led service. It has 40 staff members and its work is governed by recognised codes of practice and national and EU standards.

The Hospital Sterile Services Department purpose is to render reusable invasive medical devices (RIMD) safe for handling by staff and use on patients.

Our primary aim is the provision of washed, decontaminated and sterilized surgical instrumentation/devices required for operations and sterile procedures in the Operating Theatres, Delivery Suites, Wards, and Departments.

Instruments are prepared in  carefully controlled conditions which conform to European and International standards.

The HSSD has a fundamental role to play in the delivery of safe patient care. It is essential that reusable medical and surgical instrumentation/ devices required in a sterile condition have been washed/ decontaminated and sterilized by machines that are routinely maintained and validated in order to prevent cross contamination and infection to the individual patient.

HSSD is a nurse led department with well trained and committed Team Leaders and HSSD operative staff.


Services Provided

  • In house production of dressing and associated soft-consumables
  • A dressing top-up distribution ward delivery service to CUH operating theatres clinical areas
  • A back-up sterilisation service to the CUH group of hospitals.


Contact Information

Joanne Connolly

Acting HSSD Manager

+353 (0)21 4920157

Margaret Motherway

Staff Nurse Supervisor

+353 (0)21 4922148