Services Provided

Bereavement & Loss 

Medical Social Workers provide support at time of loss and a follow up counselling and support service. Referrals to appropriate community supports and services are also made as needed. This service is particularly focused on those dealing with the loss of a child or children who are impacted by the loss of a parent or caregiver


Crisis Intervention 

Support is offered to patients and families at time of an acute crisis such as at the time of new diagnosis, admission following serious accident or assault, homelessness.


Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults & Domestic Abuse 

Medical Social Workers in CUH have a legal and ethical duty of care to the most vulnerable in society and will undertake psychosocial and risk assessments in respect of children and adults deemed to be at risk. Our department maintains positive relationships with external statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure that a patient’s safety is maintained post discharge from hospital.