The Department of Haematology is divided into two sections Clinical Haematology and Laboratory Haematology. The department provides diagnostic and treatment services to patients with bleeding and clotting disorders, as well as anaemia, haematological malignancies and haemolytic disorders. In addition, a variety of services are provided to patients with blood disorders such as excessive or deficient clotting, pregnant mothers with blood disorders, patients taking Warfarin and patients who have problems with their bloods secondary to other medical issues. These services include: Consultant and Nurse led outpatient clinics (e.g. Warfarin Clinic), day services in the Dunmanway Unit and a walk-in service in the Comprehensive Coagulation Centre. Patients are usually referred from within hospital or by their GP.

The department also provides a large laboratory service to the CUH and GPs in both Cork and Kerry. The laboratory is a reference centre for a number of specialised tests.

The department is actively involved in research and clinical trials. The Department of Haematology CUH/UCC continues to promote translational research and to publish with its research partners in Cork Cancer Research Centre, the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health and the School of Pharmacy.