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Peritoneal Dialysis

The Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Unit at Cork University Hospital is located in the Home Therapies Unit on Level 2 of the Cardiac Renal Centre.

The PD service has a strong multidisciplinary focus, with the PD nurses working in close contact with the medical team, dieticians, pharmacists, renal nursing and community services.

The Peritoneal Dialysis Unit aims to offer support, education and follow-up care to all patients who are on PD or who are interested in going on PD. 

Please contact the PD Nurses if you wish to avail of a copy of

  • Understanding Treatment Options for Renal Therapy – Baxter International (2006)


Home Haemodialysis Service

The Home Haemodialysis service is located on in the Home Therapies Unit on Level 2 of the Cardiac Renal Centre.

We offer suitable patients the option of doing home haemodialysis, with a dialysis machine at home. Whether you qualify will depend on whether you are medically suitable and, possibly, on whether or not you live with someone who can support you and deal with any emergencies. Dialysing at home brings the benefits of increased independence from the Haemodialysis Unit and choice about how you schedule your sessions.

Patients wishing to do home haemodialysis require comprehensive training in order to become confident and self-reliant. The length of training varies, depending on the individual - it could be from 3 to 6 weeks.


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