Midwifery Led Clinics


This is a popular choice for many women. If complications arise during pregnancy the midwives will refer the woman to the obstetrician. The benefits of this option are that the woman will generally meet the same midwives for all of her antenatal care in the hospital and more time can be dedicated to her at each visit. Midwifery care for the birth of the woman’s baby and postnatally is provided by other hospital-based midwives.


Midwifery Delivered Services in CUMH

What is a midwife?

When you book to avail of maternity care in the Cork University Maternity Hospital, your midwife will discuss the option of attending a midwives' clinic with you.

The word midwife means 'with woman'. Midwives care for women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and after the baby is born. Midwives in the Cork University Maternity Hospital view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal life event. However, they recognize and foresee problems and refer to a doctor as necessary.

What care can she provide?

  • Assisting women in making choices about pregnancy and childbirth
  • Providing woman centered care, by working in partnership with women and their families
  • Encouraging and supporting breastfeeding
  • Caring for and assisting women through the unique and life changing experience of pregnancy and childbirth.


Midwifery delivered clinics run in CUMH OPD every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Cois Tí (close to home) service was set up to provide more choice in maternity services for low risk women living in outlying areas. The service has proved extremely popular as it means that more and more women are able to receive much of their care close to their home, and avoid repeated trips to the hospital.

Services currently available include:

LocationDay and Time
St Mary’s Health CampusTuesdays 5-8pm
Mitchelstown Living Health ClinicWednesday 9am-1pm
Mallow Primary Healthcare ClinicThursday 1-5 pm
St Finbarr’s HospitalFriday 9-12noon
Bantry General Hospital, OPDAlternate Friday’s 9am-1pm

Who can attend Midwifery Delivered Services?

 At your 20 week visit to CUMH OPD a risk assessment will be carried out. If you are deemed low risk then you can attend the midwifery delivered services either in CUMH or in the Cois Tí (out reach) clinic in the locations listed above.

Appointments for these clinic can be made by contacting central appointments at +353 (0)21 4920600 or when booking your return appointments in the Outpatients Department in CUMH.