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Services Provided


Following assessment, the following services may be offered:


The aim of counselling is to help patients explore choices for the future and enable them to discover own personal strengths and power, to achieve such choices.

• Counselling is provided in the following areas;

• Bereavement and loss counselling

• Post trauma counselling

• Crisis intervention

• Stress management

• Direct therapeutic work with children

• Mediation


Advocacy and Information

This involves the Medical Social Work Department working on the patient’s behalf, within or outside of the hospital to ensure your views are considered. At times, it may be deemed appropriate for you to be referred to another service who can better meet your needs. These can include:

• Support groups

• Voluntary organizations

• Community services

• Other HSE services.

• Information on other services will be provided if required.


Risk Assessment

If a person is identified to be at risk, immediate attention will be given to this situation and an assessment undertaken.