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Services Provided


Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) is part of a HealthCare Professional Team which provides expertise in the identification of the latest medical device technology, formulating the necessary Technical Specification that suits its hospitals particular needs and issuing these specifications to the procurement department for the tender process.

BME is heavily involved in the tendering process, performing evaluations and providing technical feedback through performance reports. It is involved in commissioning the electro-medical devices and the on-going Clinical, Application training and Managerial support of these medical device technologies.

BME evaluates all medical device proposed service contracts and advises the management team on how this equipment can be best maintained economically either by in-house support or external contracts.

Biomedical Specialised Areas

  • Maternity
  • ICU’s and Theatres
  • Cardiology division
  • Renal division
  • Validation and Decontamination
  • Laboratories
  • X-Ray
  • Equipment library
  • PCCC