NPDU Policy & Project Developments 2015


Currently we are working on the following projects to improve the patient journey and support staff & students: 

  • Bedside Handover on 4A
  • Control Drug Ordering System (To prevent delays in patients receiving their analgesia)
  • New Profile Document and updating in Paediatrics
  • Education sessions on implementing Children’s Nursing Metrics (Test Your Care)
  • Supporting the introduction of Linear Labels (To improve labelling compliance & release more time to care for frontline staff)
  • Review of Paediatric Care plans
  • Formulation of Heart Failure Care plan
  • Further roll out of “Patient’s Own Medications” system
  • Synopsis of Documentation trial on 3D (To release more time to care for patients)
  • Improving the current metrics system in particular the demonstration and review of results
  • GA Neuro – Audit and implementation of system regarding Nursing Handover
  • Development & trial of new Medication Record on 1A & GA Neuro
  • Formulation of Tropicamide protocol for eye clinic (To enable nurses to administer Tropicamide thus enhancing the patient journey)
  • Nutritional Screening, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Preoperative and Falls Policy
  • Mental Health Unit & 5B Student Orientation Booklets
  • Review of current prescription transfer system to SIVUH
  • 6 weekly rotation of 10 minute information sessions to improve metric results thus care standards
  • Work on organising a research club
  • Planning a National Research conference in CUH

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