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Quality Improvement Programmes


Hospital wide Quality Improvement Programmes

There are a number of quality improvement programmes, which are being worked through in the hospital and hereunder are a list of same. 

  • Care Bundles
  • National Early Warning Score
  • National Sepsis Programme
  • Haemovigilance and INAB Accreditation
  • TPOT
  • Hygiene and Infection Control Standards
  • Nursing Metrics
  • End of Life Programme
  • National Healthcare Records Standards
  • National Safer Better Health Standards – self-assessment and Quality Improvement Plan
  • National Health and Safety agenda
  • Nutrition and Hydration Standards 


Measuring and Sharing Learning 

  • Audit Forum – scheduled from September to June each year, MDT approach to sharing audit findings and standards of care provided for within BGH.
  • Key Performance Indicators for each committee and reporting to Quality and Patient Safety Committee.
  • NQAIS – Quality System for surgical, endoscopy, mortality rates and radiology
  • EU Directive and IQuest for Laboratory department


Quality Improvement Plans Reports

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