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Why Should I Choose to Nurse at CUH

CUH is a very well renowned teaching hospital with over 40 different medical and surgical specialties on the campus.  As a result, you will find multiple options for personal and professional development – whether you are pursuing your current interests, gaining a broader experience or branching off into a new specialty.

CUH is a leading centre for medical research, innovation, education and training, and is the primary teaching hospital associated with University College Cork (UCC). UCC offers a wide range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. Visit for further information.

The core values of Compassion, Care and Commitment underpin nursing and midwifery practice and are therefore very much at the heart of the recruitment process. CUH aims to select nurses and midwives who can deliver high quality, compassionate care which is informed by kindness.

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