Speech & Language Therapy


The Department of Speech and Language Therapy on Cork University Hospital campus provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management to inpatients and outpatients We also provide care to Cork University Maternity Hospital. Our patient group in CUH includes infants, children and adults who may have feeding, eating, drinking and swallowing and/or communication difficulties as a result of brain injury, developmental delay, head and neck cancer or neurological conditions. Our service extends to St. Finbarr’s Hospital (Care of the Elderly) and Mallow General Hospital.

Communication and swallowing difficulties can affect people’s well-being and their ability to participate in daily life. Speech and Language Therapists take into consideration the medical, physical, psychological and social factors that may contribute to the experience of disability. We work with patients, their families and members of the Multidisciplinary team to anticipate and reduce the impact of these difficulties on the person’s everyday life.