Pain Relief


The Acute Pain Service covers all services within CUH & CUMH.   The primary role of the Acute Pain Service is to provide safe and effective pain management to patients. The service is led by Consultants and supported by Clinical Nurse Specialists. 

We understand that patients have varying levels of pain, and may require different techniques to help manage their pain. Our aim is to provide good pain control with minimal side effects to help speed patients recovery.


Our Departmental Objectives 

  • The Acute Pain Service aims to ensure all patients have access to safe and effective pain management from admission to discharge.
  • To provide specialist pain management advice and clinical support to staff on how best to manage patient’s pain.
  • Provide education and clinical support to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to improve their pain management knowledge.
  • We use various means in which pain is managed/controlled i.e. ranging from oral and intravenous medications to using computerised pumps, known as Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps (PCA).