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Cardiology, cardiac surgery and cardiac rehab


Cardiothoracic Surgery

The physiotherapy department provides a service to patients following heart and lung surgery. Treatment is aimed at preventing respiratory complications, regrading mobility and improving exercise tolerance.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • In Patient: Patients following heart surgery and heart attack (myocardial infarction) and patients diagnosed with heart failure, undergoing treatments including angioplasty and pacemaker insertion, are aided and monitored by the physiotherapist in their return to being mobile and active. Guidance on a healthier and more active lifestyle and return to occupation is provided to patients during their hospital stay by the physiotherapist. Our physiotherapy team work closely with other disciplines, including cardiac rehabilitation co-ordinator, occupational therapy, dietician, social worker and smoking cessation officer (where appropriate).


  • Phase III: Patients following heart surgery, heart attack (myocardial infarction), angioplasty or with heart disease attend a medically supervised group exercise program and group education. Phase III runs for a total of 6 weeks, involving two exercise classes per week and is run by a physiotherapist and a nurse specialist. Patient education sessions are provided on nutrition, lifestyle and activity management, stress management and medication management.


Patient Comments - Quotes from a patient satisfaction survey of the cardiac rehab programme

“Excellent staff. Good interaction with patients. Its good to meet people in the same boat as yourself. It was in a safe environment and one can push oneself with the knowledge that help is close by in case of something going wrong”

“ I learnt that exercising is beneficial for me contrary to what I felt previously. The programme helped take away my fear that I would somehow harm myself during exercise. I got the encouragement I needed to start going to the gym regularly which I do 3-4 times a week. Unfortunately my weight stayed the same but I have more stamina”


Useful Resources

The Irish Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation www.iacr.info