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Medical Oncology


The Medical Oncology team provides chemotherapy and other drug treatments for patients. The consultant team has strong links with Cancer Trials Ireland.


Consultant Medical Oncologists



The Medical Oncology Department delivers chemotherapy to patients. Chemotherapy is the use of drug treatments to cure or control cancer. “Chemo” means drugs or medicines and “therapy” means treatment. Chemotherapy can be given orally with a tablet or intravenously through a drip. Patients may be prescribed hormone therapy to target cancer cells that are responsive to this approach (eg: breast and prostate cancer).


Treatment Administration

The Dunmanway Day Unit is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.15pm.

Contact Reception:  021/4922324

Contact Nurse Station:  021/4921305

It is located on the first floor of Cork University Hospital and can be accessed through the main entrance or outpatients entrance. There is also a drop off area for patients which can be found by entering the hospital main gate, turn right and take the first left. It is signposted Radiotherapy and Oncology Set Down Area. Parking is not available at the drop off area and must be found elsewhere.

Each patient can have a family member or friend accompanying them while they are receiving chemotherapy.

Children under the age of 11 are not allowed in waiting area or in the Dunmanway Day Unit. Restricted visiting may apply if a ward or unit is affected by an outbreak of infection your co-operation at these times is appreciated.

Your First Treatment Visit - What To Expect

The following information is for patients and their relatives prior to receiving chemotherapy for the first time:

  • Pre-treatment education sessions are available through the Nurse Specialists or Staff of the Dunmanway Day Unit
  • No need to fast prior to receiving chemotherapy.
  • Night wear should not be required as you will be a day patient.
  • It would be helpful to bring a list of your prescription medications and dose that you  may be taking.
  • Refreshments are provided from 8.00am  to 4.00pm.  
  • Please register at the reception on your arrival.
  • Patient information booklets are available on www.cancer.ie/cancer-information