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In April 2013, Cork University Hospital established a Sustainable Healthcare Steering Group to oversee the direction, management and monitoring of the Sustainable Healthcare Change Programme across the hospital. The group provides a forum for discussion of general environmental issues, with particular emphasis on creating behaviour change towards the requirement for greater environmental stewardship. The Sustainable Healthcare Change Programme aims to raise awareness among staff, patients and service users about the environmental benefits of improving energy and water efficiency, reducing waste volumes, as well as promoting sustainable transport and biodiversity across the campus.

The primary objectives of the Steering Group include;

  • Overseeing improvement in  energy and water efficiency
  • Facilitating the reduction of  waste volumes been generated, as well as ensuring appropriate segregation of the complex waste streams at Cork University Hospital
  • Implementing the National Energy Efficiency Plan, and the Sustainability Strategy for Health 2017-2019 by achieving an overall reduction of 20% energy reduction in line with national targets for 2020
  • Implement CUH’s Environmental Quality Improvement Plan 2018-2020
  • Advise on the direction, coordination and implementation of the Sustainability Strategy for Health 2017-2019 across Cork University Hospital campus
  • Monitoring progress and ensuring adherence to local and HSE sustainability management strategies, targets and objectives
  • Achieve national/ international recognition as a sustainable healthcare campus

Green Advocate Network

A Green Advocate network has been established in CUH to promote the Sustainable Change Management Programme across CUH. 

The role of a Green Advocate involves:

  • Actively promoting Sustainable Change Management Programme initiatives to staff, patients and service users
  • Providing information about the Sustainable Change Management Programme across the campus
  • Point of contact between staff and the Environmental Steering Group/Sustainable Environment Officer
  • Educating staff on the impact of healthcare provision on the environment, and highlighting the requirement to implement the initiatives of the Sustainable Healthcare Change Programme  for reducing CUH’s carbon foot print
  • Providing staff with the appropriate tools to minimise their environmental impact
  • Provide a forum through which staff can explore how their ideas may contribute to the enhancement of the Sustainable Healthcare Change Programme 


Area Energy Teams

CUH has created a number of Area Energy Teams spread across different departments of the campus. The function of Area Energy Teams is to communicate the Power@Work programme across the hospital. The specific role of the role of the Area Green Teams involves:

  • Raise the environmental issues facing their area
  • Inform the development of action plans for efficient energy usage
  • Monitor the implementation of the Power@Work switch off  initiatives

Cork University Hospital Campus Green Teams / Contacts
  • Cork University Maternity Hospital Team: Dr. Cathy Burke
  • Dialysis Contact: Joanne Lyons
  • Catering Department Team: Patrick Begley
  • Laboratory’s Team: Sinead Creagh
  • CUH Main Block Contact: Eimear Foley
  • CUH FM Radio Team: Eamon Forrest
  • Main Theatre Complex: Joanne Connolly

Interested In Forming a Green Team?

If you and some colleagues are interested in forming a green team in your work area discuss with your line manager and contact CUH.SustainableEnv@hse.ie