Occupational Therapy in General Surgery

Occupational therapy for patients who have undergone surgery aims to enable them to achieve their optimal independence level and to facilitate a safe discharge home.

Occupational Therapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone amputation surgery.  The Occupational Therapist works closely with the patient throughout their hospital stay to facilitate return to independence with ADL’s, to address seating and positioning needs and to modify the home environment to optimise the patients independence and safety post discharge.

Lymphoedema: is a chronic, lifelong condition which can greatly impact on a patients physical and psychosocial health. It may present as a primary condition or as a following surgery. The management of Lymphoedema complex therefore individual patients and their needs differ.

Following a Consultant referral the Lymphoedema service provides:

  • Individual assessment
  • Education and advice to help patients with conservative management.
  • Assessment for and provision of standard and specialist compression garments.
  • Combined decongestive therapy (manual lymphatic drainage and bandaging).

General Surgery/Urology

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