Elective Hospitals

The Government has announced that it intends to build a new regional elective surgical (day case) hospital, within the next 10 years, on the old St Stephens Hospital Site, in Glanmire which is just north and east of the City. It is expected that this hospital will be under the governance of the Model 4 (CUH) for Cork, though it will support and serve patients and services from across the South West of Ireland.  

In the short term, the Government has also announced that it will be investing in building an elective surgical hub at CUH, which is expected to open in 2024. Once the regional elective hospital opens in Glanmire, the day case work at CUH (and elsewhere in Cork) will transfer there and the CUH Elective Hub will then focus on more complex inpatient surgery, dealing with additional growth in cancer and inpatient surgical needs of the population.