Fees & Charges 2023

Non-Residents and Non EU Residents

Average Daily Cost

  • Inpatient Stay: €1,279 per night
  • Day Case: €1,206 per day case
  • ED Attendance: €295 per attendance
  • Outpatient Visit: €166 per visit
  • Physiotherapy: €54 per attendance


Private Fees

Private Hospital Accommodation Charges

Private/Single Occupancy Room - €1,000 per night

Semi Private/Multi Occupancy Room €813 per night( there is no minimum number of beds in a semi private/multi occupancy room)

Private Day Case €407 per day case 

Fees of all Consultants involved in the patient care.


ED Charges

  • ED/Casualty Charge is €100. 
  • Each attendance at ED/Casualty incurs a charge. 
  • Non-Residents and Non EU Residents - €295 per attendance


Medical Card Holders

Exemptions to the Statutory A&E / Casualty charge is applicable to Medical Card Holders.

What Is a Medical Card?

A Medical Card is issued by the HSE. People who hold a Medical Card are entitled to a range of Health Services free of charge.

You are entitled to the following services if you have a Medical Card:

  • Doctors Visits - a range of family doctor or GP services from a chosen doctor contracted to the HSE in your local area
  • Prescription Medicines: The supply of prescribed approved medicines, aids and appliances like wheelchairs, crutches etc. In some circumstances a deposit may be required for aids and appliances which will be refunded on return of the aid or appliance
  • Certain Dental, Ophthalmic (Eye), and Aural (Ear) health services
  • Hospital Care - all in-patient services in public wards in public hospitals, including public consultant services
  • Hospital Visits - All out-patient services in public hospitals, including public consultant services
  • Maternity Cash Grant on the birth of each child
  • Medical & Midwifery Care for Mothers, including health care related to pregnancy and the care of the child for six weeks after birth
  • Some personal and social care services, for example, public health nursing, social work services and other community care services based on client need.