As the definition of Security is “ The protection of life and property from all loss and damage” we strive to maintain a safe environment for staff to work in, the public to visit, and patients to avail of the services the hospital provides. 

In addition our Security Officers are members of the hospital’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) which is responsible for dealing with Fire alarms and other Emergency Incidents. 

We provide a 24 hour service to both staff and public on site.


Security Officers Locations Throughout Campus

The Security Control Room

On patrol in the main hospital

Emergency Department

The Maternity Hospital

The new Acute Mental Health Unit

On mobile patrol around the CUH Campus

021 4922118

Bleep 137

Bleep 551

021 4920751

021 4934350

Bleep 278


Service Provided 

We are responsible for maintaining the hospitals: 

  • CCTV systems,
  • Access control systems,
  • Staff ID card systems.
  • Staff car parking.
  • Public car parks.
  • Traffic Regulations
  • Lost and Found Department.
  • Visiting Regulations
  • Smoke free campus
  • Public order on the campus 

The Security Department also manage the hospital’s lost and found operation and our control room is manned 24/7 and is located on the first floor of CUH near the entrance to the main staff canteen.

The department are also involved in the following committees: 

  • Hospital Watch, which includes a Garda liaison officer from the Bishopstown Garda Station.
  • Safety Infrastructural and Risk Team
  • Emergency Planning
  • Smoke Free Campus Committee
  • Sustainability Steering Group

As our Hospital is a very busy public building and we appreciate patients cannot keep their belongings with them at all times, we urge people to keep the risk of theft to a minimum by only taking essential items with them and keeping them as close to them as possible. 

Our Security officers regularly engage in crime prevention advise to all our staff and patients. 


Public Car Parks 

The security staff are responsible for operating our public car parks at CUH/CUMH. Staff can be contacted via intercom at all entry and exit barriers and from all pay stations. 

Concessions are available for relatives of long stay patients and tickets can only be purchased by contacting Security Staff via pay station intercom at the Main Western Car park.


Contact Us

Mr Donal McCarthy, Acting Chief Security Officer, Cork University Hospital, 021-4922144