HSCP Education

Occupational therapy

The Occupational Therapy department provide clinical placement for students from the School of Occupational Therapy in UCC. Placements are also provided for students from other national schools of OT on a needs basis. These include University of Limerick, University of Galway, Trinity College Dublin and placements through the Erasmus program.   Placements are provided for students in Years 1-4 across the academic year. These range from shorter observation placements in Year 1 to intensive clinical blocks in Years 2-4. All therapists are involved in facilitating student placements with support from an onsite Practice Tutor.

Occupational Therapy Department team members are also regularly involved in providing clinical lectures in both the School of Occupational Therapy and Medicine.


The podiatry department provides block clinical placement to 3rd & 4th year undergraduates students of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Galway.


The Radiology department has an academic relationship with both UCC and UCD for the provision of clinical practice education to Radiography students.  Intensive clinical placement is provided to undergraduate students from UCD during all 4 years of academic study while clinical placement is also provided to the 2 year intensive Radiography graduate programme in UCC.  In addition, the department supports clinical placement to Erasmus students from TCD and other European countries. 

The Radiology department has a formal research agreement with UCC and Radiographers in CUH are extensively involved in partnership research studies particularly in the field of CT and many other aspects of Radiography practice.



Intern Nurse Assessments

2022 saw the implementation of the assessment in the skill of venepuncture for 4th year General Nursing Interns in University College Cork (UCC).

The clinical assessment of venepuncture in CUH required collaboration between the Nurse Practice Development Unit (NPDU) and the Phlebotomy Department. The acquisition of the skill in venepuncture enables the Intern/Graduate nurse to provide timely patient point of care assessment, enhances clinical practice and is guided by the Sharing of Tasks Directive.

In 2022 the sharing of knowledge and expertise of skills provided by the phlebotomy department, resulted in Forty-Five General Nursing Interns to graduate with the skill of venepuncture.

This year the phlebotomy department facilitated the assessment in the skill of venepuncture of ninety intern nurses which this year consisted of both general and integrated intern nurses.

Intern Doctors Induction Training Sessions

In 2022 the Phlebotomy department was invited to take part in the Intern Induction training sessions of intern doctors prior to their first rotation. This is held each year at Brookfield UCC campus. In these session interns are able to practice venepuncture skills and identify area that they wish to improve in by engaging with experienced senior phlebotomists. 160 interns took part again in the induction session this year.

Speech and Language therapy

The SLT department has a long-standing close relationship with the Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences at UCC. Our department provide intensive block clinical placement to 3rd & 4th year undergraduates throughout the curriculum calendar.

All of the therapists in the department actively contribute to student teaching.

Department team members also regularly deliver clinical lectures within speciality fields to students at UCC.

In collaboration with the School of Medicine, 'Food for Thought: Let's talk about Dysphagia' teaching session is delivered throughout academic year to the Final year medical students.


Radiation Therapy

The Dept Radiation of Radiation Oncology provides clinical placement to Radiation Therapy Students form both University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin at every stage in their training. The students get exposure to all the different specialists within radiation therapy including Image Guided Radiotherapy, Surface Guided Radiation Therapy, Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, CT, 4D-CT, Treatment Planning, Brachytherapy, Mould Room, Superficial and Information and Support. The students also have the opportunity to conduct research within the department as part of their thesis.

Nutrition & Dietetics

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at CUH are the main training site for the Dietetics Masters Programme at UCC and all therapists are involved in facilitating student placements. A number of staff supervise student research projects and staff regularly lecture on the dietetics and medicine programme at UCC.

Clinical Measurement Physiologists

Clinical Measurement Physiologists provide substantial practical clinical education for students from TU Dublin and ATU Sligo. The students on the Clinical Measurement Courses rotate on 8-12 week placements as part of their curriculum through the different specialities Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurophysiology and Vascular Physiology.

All staff support the students during placement with the support of the Clinical Placement Co-ordinator and Practice Tutors.