The Anaesthesia team in CUH operates as a large flexible network with enormous scope and remarkably diverse areas of responsibility. We have a total staff of approximately 70, comprising of 31 Consultants and up to 40 Doctor’s In Training, together with the support of administrative staff. The Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care provides support to a wide area, embracing CUH and CUMH, South Infirmary/Victoria University Hospital, Mallow General Hospital and Marymount Hospice & Hospital. Hence we operate dynamic internet-based rosters covering approximately 30 locations within these institutions.



Approximately 30,000 patients are treated surgically in CUH annually, treatment ranging from routine elective day case and inpatient admissions to major trauma, cardio-thoracic and neurosurgical emergencies. Also a significant number of the circa 9,000 patients attending CUMH will have input from the team, either for pain relief, or to facilitate obstetric intervention.   Acute and chronic pain services incorporate various outpatient clinics, interventions and procedures, and liaison with other medical and surgical teams for in-patient consultation. Two Clinical Nurse Specialists provide support to the Pain Relief Service.  All of our Consultants are required to maintain a degree of flexibility within their practice, while we take pride in the range of training experience we can offer junior doctors which challenges even the most expert practitioner. We have three Consultants and four non-consultant doctors (NCHD’s) ”on call” covering the “out of hours” service.