Transfer of Paediatric Services

Changes to Paediatric Services in Cork City and County


As of 25th June 2024, all emergency, day-case and in-patient paediatric care have moved from Mercy University Hospital to Cork University Hospital. Paediatric out-patient clinics will continue at MUH until further notice. All MUH adult care will remain unchanged.

All ambulance services will direct paediatric emergencies / acute care to Cork University Hospital. MUH will not have paediatric facilities in the emergency department.

This transition brings together services for all children under 16 from both facilities. Children and their families can now access centralised facilities, ensuring the highest quality of care.


The below FAQ will assist you with any questions/queries you may have:

FAQ’s for Children and Parents

When did the move take place?

MUH Paediatric Service transfered to CUH on the 25th June 2024.  


Why did you move the Childrens services from MUH to CUH?

To provide a centralised and improved model of care for children


How many new beds?

There are 12 general paediatric beds in addition to 4 single en-suite rooms and a treatment area with air handling units for Haematology/Oncology patients.


Is there the same service as there was in the MUH?

There is an increase in capacity for Haematology / Oncology children, there are four single rooms’ en-suite with air handling units and a treatment room. The paediatric Oncology Outreach (POONs) outreach is now at CUH. There is a single unified general paediatric service with an increase in ward capacity of 12 additional beds. Children attending CUH benefit from its Paediatric Emergency Department run by Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultants and speciality nursing staff; access to the extensive paediatric subspecialty consultants/nurse specialists at CUH including respiratory, cardiology, allergy, neurology, neuro-disability, diabetes/endocrinology; paediatric surgical specialities and paediatric radiology service to mention a few.


What will happen if my child needs to go to hospital?

After MUH paediatric service transfered to CUH on 25th June 2024, the MUH Emergency Dept closed to Children <16yrs. CUH Paediatric Emergency Department is the sole ED for Children. This is a new purpose-built Children’s ED, separate from the main adult ED, run by specialist paediatric emergency medicine doctors and nurses. All sick children are now seen here.

Haematology /oncology service patients will continue to have direct ward access to the new haematology /oncology unit at CUH.


Will I be able to stay with my child?

Yes one parent or guardian (over 18 years) will be able to stay with your child.


Has Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI) Crumlin been informed of this transfer of services?

Yes both MUH and CUH have been in contact with CHI to update and inform them of this move. All care that was delivered in MUH will continue in CUH.