Health Records

Health Records Department
Cork University Hospital
Phone +353 (0)21 4922420

The Health Records Department is responsible for the management, quality and control of health care records. The Department ensures the confidentiality, accuracy of information and timely retrieval of charts for patient care. The department also provides medical records for audit and research purposes.

Services Provided


All elective admissions and Day of Surgery admissions (DOSA) are processed by the Admissions Department. 

The Patient Healthcare Record is retrieved, or created, if no record exists. All existing patient healthcare records are delivered to the relevant wards prior to the patient admission. 

Opening Hours:     7am to 7.30am Monday to Friday

                            8am to 8pm     Saturday and Sunday 

Telephone Numbers: 021/4922482; 021/4922480; 021/4920305


Ward Clerks 

Ward Clerks are responsible and accountable for maintaining good patient record keeping practices and maintain the custody of the health care records on all wards in the hospital for the entire inpatient stay of the patient.  

Ward Clerks are responsible for liaising with Outpatient and Admission Staff regarding any queries relating to inpatient stays or discharges from their allocated wards. 

Opening hours:        8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Telephone Number: 021/4920249


Chart Administrators 

Chart Administrators are responsible for the maintenance of complete quality patient healthcare records within each specific Directorate. They ensure that patient documentation, reports etc., are filed appropriately in the patient record.  

Opening hours:         8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Telephone Number: 021/4922538

Freedom of Information & Medical Legal Department

Opening hours: 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Telephone No: 021/4920116


Address: FOI Department, Medical Records Department
Cork University Hospital


Patients can obtain patient medical records by the following methods:

Administrative Access; Data Protection Act and

Freedom of Information Act

Patients can request their own personal health records by making a written request or can download the attached form, which includes the following information:

  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Current address
  • Previous address if applicable
  • Details of the exact records requested
  • Reason for the request
  • Proof of Identification by means of birth certificate, passport OR driving licence must be included with the request.

We encourage requesters to contact the Department to ensure that the correct information is given and to narrow the field of enquiry.


Access to Deceased Patient Records: Deceased patients Medical Records are always processed under the Freedom Of Information Act. Please use the attached form.

Clinical Support Services 

The Health Records Department provides clerical administrative support to the following departments: 

  • Physiotherapy Department:            021/4922400
    Occupational Department:              021/4922400
  • Dietetics Department:                    021/4922169
  • Social Work Department:               021/4922488
  • Speech and Language Department: 021/4922880