Neurodisability Service

Una Martin is a CNS for Neurodisability - Una is a dual Qualified Paediatric and Intellectual Disability Nurse with 25+ years nursing experience both in the acute and community setting.


Neurodisability Service

  • I provide in-patient, outpatient and telephone support to families of children that have a neurodisability in several counties in Ireland. I also attend consultant led community clinics.
  • I also assist in inter-hospital transfers and discharge planning, organising MDT both transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary to support the transfer of information in relation to the children under our care.
  • A huge part of my role is often signposting to other support services.
  • Our biggest aim is to provide a holistic approach to provide care as close to home as possible.


Referral Criteria for the Neurodisability Service:

  • We use the SNI criteria as referral criteria.
  • Severe Neurological Impairment which describes a group of disorders of the central nervous system which arise in childhood, resulting in motor impairment, cognitive impairment and medical complexity, where much assistance is required for all activities of daily living.   
  • Children must be referred by their consultant and have must have all 3 deficits in order to be referred.
  • I work as part of a team with the Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in Neurodisability Dr Zaheera Yusuf.
  • At present there is only one CNS in this service it is hoped this will increase in the near future.


Una Martin
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Paediatric Neurodisability


Medical Secretary attached to Dr Yusuf service contactable on 021 4922847.