Hipe - Clinical Coding

Hospital In Patient Enquiry Scheme (HIPE) data is the principal source of national data on discharges from acute hospitals in Ireland. The Department for Health and Children use this data for the estimation of casemix adjustments for acute hospital budgets.

The HIPE programme currently operates in 61 acute Irish Hospitals. The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) manage the collection process on behalf of the HSE.

In January 2005 a coding classification for all diseases, ICD-10-AM, was adopted by Ireland for coding all discharges. This was further updated in January 2009 when Version 6 was implemented - major 6th Edition changes are coding of Coding Kidney Disease (CKD), Pharmacotherapy, including vascular access devices (VAD) and continuous ambulatory drug devices (CADD), and Ventilatory Support.


  • Specialist workshop are held on a regular basis by the ERSI
  • Training of new coders and refresher courses for existing coders is conducted in-house initially and by the ERSI on a regular basis.
  • Induction training for Medical Records/Clerical groups/on HIPE/Casemix is conducted on a monthly basis to highlight the importance of HIPE/Casemix

Please refer to http://www.ersi.ie/health_information/hipe/ for further information on the HIPE system nationally.

The HIPE Department is located within the Health Record Department at Cork University Hospital.