Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy Department,

Cork University Hospital, Phone +353 (0)21 4922402

The main aim of Occupational Therapy is to maintain, restore or create a match, beneficial to the individual, between the abilities of the person, the demands of his/her occupations in the areas of self-care, productivity(work) and leisure, and the demands of the environment. 

Ideally, Occupational Therapy is a partnership between the client and the therapist in which both participate actively, thus increasing the client’s responsibility, choice and autonomy and control over his/ her care.


Occupational Therapists look at FUNCTION and MEANINGFUL ACTIVITY. 

The Occupational Therapist will consider how a person’s ability matches up to the skills required in achieving an agreed goals. The Therapist will then assess / find out: 

Whether the person could improve those skills through practice,

Or if the task was done differently would they be independent,

Or if need to remediate though the provision of aids and appliances or with assistance.