Occupational Therapy in Oncology


Our intervention with oncology patients aims to improve people’s quality of life, so that there lives will be comfortable and productive as possible, so they can life as independently as possible.  This applies even if life expectancy is short.

Areas an Occupational Therapist may address with the patient:

  • Maintaining roles through remediation, energy conservation etc.
  • Promoting independence in Activities of daily living.
  • Assessment and helping to address cognitive and perceptual deficits.
  • Home assessments, education in the use of aids and appliances as needed.
  • Seating and pressure care.

Lymphoedema: is a chronic, lifelong condition which can greatly impact on a patients physical and psychosocial health. It may present following surgery or radiotherapy. The management of Lymphoedema complex therefore individual patients and their needs differ.

Following a Consultant referral the Lymphoedema service provides:

  • Individual assessment
  • Education and advice to help patients with conservative management.
  • Assessment for and provision of standard and specialist compression garments.
  • Combined decongestive therapy (manual lymphatic drainage and bandaging).

The patient may initially benefit from an intensive course of treatment, following assessment. Regular review is necessary to ensure that the condition is controlled – this is dependent on individual need.

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