Oncology Service

We provide physiotherapy interventions for a broad range of patients with many different cancer diagnoses.

The oncology inpatients service includes patients from medical oncology (Brain, lung, colon, breast, prostate) haematology, radiation, surgical oncology, and palliative care.We provide immediate post-operative care for all oncology breast surgeries including lumpectomies, wide local excisions, mastectomies, sentinel lymph mode biopsies and axillary node clearances and breast reconstructions. We provide post-operative information and exercises to minimise post op complications.

In addition to this we offer an outpatient service for lymphoedema (Lymphedema is an accumulation of fluid (lymph) in soft body tissues, due to impairment of the lymphatic vessels.  This build-up of lymph causes swelling called lymphedema) including manual lymph drainage, provision of compression garments and individualised exercise programmes to manage the condition.

We also provide musculoskeletal treatment interventions such as joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, and home exercise programmes for restricted shoulder joint complexes and conditions such as cording which can be a side effect of your surgery and radiation therapy.

We provide education sessions in conjunction with the Daffodil centre which provides information and supports the needs of those affected by cancer. The sessions promote the benefits of remaining physically active after a cancer diagnosis. We discuss the role of exercise in making a person more resilient to the side effects associated with chemotherapy, reducing risks of comorbidities linked with the treatments and overall reoccurrence and survival.


The role of the physiotherapist:

The physiotherapist assesses your functional capacity and treat any physical issues relating to your diagnosis and treatment.

We treat complete a broad range of functional assessments including mobility assessments, respiratory assessments, neurological and falls assessments.

We then tailor specific interventions for the patients needs based on these assessments.

We recently developed a pilot Prehabilitation programme for breast cancer patients. The aim was to improve an individual’s exercise capacity to physically prepare them for their upcoming chemotherapy. It is hoped that this will continue in the future as we showed a benefit of effect and potentially role it out to other groups with different cancer diagnoses.


Access to the service:

Your consultant or team will refer you for physiotherapy as needed during your inpatient stay. If you are experiencing lymphoedema or shoulder issues post-surgery or treatment your breast care nurse or consultant can refer you for outpatient physiotherapy in the orchid centre.