Over 65 years rehabilitation service

Rehabilitation Unit, St Finbarr’s Hospital

 The purpose built rehabilitation unit based in St. Finbarr’s Hospital offers rehabilitation to patients over 65 years of age.


Who are the patients we see?  

The following admission criteria must be met for rehabilitation at St Finbarr’s Hospital:

The patient must be:

  • 1) Aged 65 or over
  • 2) Medically stable
  • 3) Under the care of a Consultant Geriatrician
  • 4) Consent to and are able to participate in rehabilitation


What is the role of the Physiotherapist with this group of patients?

 The role of the Physiotherapist is to perform a full assessment of patients’ physical and functional needs and to provide a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services.

The main goal of Physiotherapy is to optimise independence for each patient, thus improving their quality of life.  The Physiotherapist aims to keep a patient-centred approach at all times with the goal of each patient achieving the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation programme. 

Treatment is varied depending on the identified needs of each individual patient. Treatment is aimed at improving strength, balance and physical function. It includes strengthening exercises, transfer practice, balance rehabilitation, gait re-education, upper limb rehabilitation, education on safety awareness and fatigue management. Physiotherapists, in conjunction with Occupational Therapy colleagues, may also make recommendations regarding home environmental modifications e.g. ramp access over steps.


Any additional Physiotherapy services available for this group of patients? (e.g. community services/outreach teams/follow up)

 If further rehabilitation/follow-up is required upon discharge, the Physiotherapist will refer patients to a community Physiotherapist closer to their home for outpatient follow-up.


How do these patients access your services? 

Patients have access to rehabilitation in St Finbarr’s Hospital following a review and referral by a Consultant Geriatrician. This review usually takes place in an acute hospital e.g. Cork University Hospital or Mercy University Hospital.

Patients can also be admitted from home if reviewed by a Consultant Geriatrician at the Assessment and treatment centre, St. Finbarr’s Hospital, and deemed suitable to benefit from a period of in-patient rehabilitation. They will be added to the waiting list and contacted for admission when a bed becomes available.