Services Provided

Outpatient Appointments

Appointments for this service are processed on a clinical prioritisation basis. Each referral is evaluated by the consultant leading the service and appointments are allocated on an urgent or routine basis based on the on clinical detail provided in the referral letter. 

Please note that referrals are accepted by post only for Prof. O’Halloran’s service and by post and fax for Dr. Antoinette Tuthill’s service.


Urgent Outpatient Referral

Patients requiring urgent Out Patient diabetes referrals from GPs, the Emergency Department or other wards are seen within a few days. The service arranges appointments for patients with newly diagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes and avoids the need to admit people to hospital as inpatients.


Adult Diabetes and Endocrine Day Care Unit

The Diabetes and Endocrine Day Care Unit was established in 1994, facilitating patients with all types of diabetes and other endocrine conditions. There is a day clinic held for patients five days of the week where clinical nurse specialists, clinical nutritionists, podiatry and medicine work side by side assessing and treating patients. 

Opening hours: 09.00hrs - 17.00hrs Monday to Friday

Telephone: 021 49 22213 (between hours: 08.00hrs - 13.00hrs only)


Young Adult Diabetes Service

Prof. O'Halloran runs a clinic for Young Diabetes patients on the 4th Wednesday afternoon of each month and Dr Tuthill on the 4th and 5th Thursday afternoon of each month; these clinics are also run on referral basis. 

For the CUH Children’s Diabetes Service please refer to: for more information.


Services Available to Patients Referred (Adult and Young Adult)

  • Commence and education for injectable therapies
  • Dedicated transition and young adult service
  • Telephone advisory service
  • Specialised MODY clinic every quarter
  • Dietetic service including joint diabetes nurse and dietician consults.
  • Group education: Berger and Desmond programmes,
  • Insulin pump course, trouble shooting and management
  • Continuous glucose monitoring sensor
  • Pre-conceptual care and management of diabetes during pregnancy
  • Dedicated diabetes nurse for:
  • Diabetes secondary to other causes such as pancreatic related disorders, trauma or steroid therapy
        • Cystic fibrosis related diabetes.
        • Wards
        • Patients on renal dialysis


Endocrine Diabetes Nurse Specialist

The Endocrine Nurse Specialist sees patients with hormone deficiencies or hormone excesses. Education on steroid therapy.


Gestational Diabetes (Pregnancy related Diabetes)

For women diagnosed with gestational diabetes please refer to the Diabetes Team, Out Patients Department, Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) 

If a woman requires a review with a Consultant Endocrinologist they will be referred onwards via the Cork University Maternity Hospital team. 

A Diabetes Antenatal Clinic runs every Monday PM and a Gestation Diabetes Clinic runs every Tuesday AM