Diagnostic Haematology


The Haematology Laboratory provides routine, emergency and specialist investigations for Cork University Hospital, Cork University Maternity Hospital, GPs and referring hospitals in the South of Ireland. As the busiest haematology laboratory in the country we process over 4.5 million tests annually. The expansion of our service has been facilitated by implementation of a new state of the art facility for processing large volumes of samples. 

We provide a wide range of specialized testing which are required for the diagnosis and management of haematological disorders including leukaemia and bleeding disorders. Our specialised diagnostic laboratory continues to expand with the launch of cancer molecular diagnostics and minimal residual disease monitoring.

The haematology laboratory at the Cork University Hospital is a certified training centre for Munster Technological University (MTU) and University College Cork (UCC) students. This facility not only engages postgraduate students in research and development but also encourages its staff to pursue further postgraduate education. Actively participating in ongoing research, development, and international scientific partnerships, the laboratory also offers essential support for numerous clinical drug trials taking place in the hospital. 

Contact Numbers

Routine Enquiries 9am -5pm                                       (021) 48 22541                

Emergency On Call Enquiries 5pm -9am                  (021) 48 20172                

Specimen Reception                                                     (021) 48 22547

Immunophenotyping Laboratory                               (021) 48 21351 

Please note that the laboratory cannot give results directly to patients. Patients should contact their referring doctor with all queries regarding blood results.

Key Staff

Dr. Vitaliy Mykytiv                            Consultant Haematologist/Medical Director                                         

Denise Clarke                                     Chief Medical Scientist

Deirdre Duggan                                 Chief Medical Scientist

Damian Hennessy                             Chief Medical Scientist 

Information for GPs and Healthcare Professionals

GP samples are processed 5 days a week Monday to Friday. All information on sample requirements are available through the laboratory user manual. Results are transmitted electronically to Healthlink 7. 

The haematology laboratory registrar provides clinical advice and interpretation for GPs and referring clinicians from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. They can be contacted by calling the hospital at (021) 49 22000 and asking for the Haematology laboratory registrar. In the event of urgent queries out of hours contact the hospital at (021) 49 22 000 and request the haematology registrar on call. 


The laboratory is accredited by INAB to EN ISO Standard 15189:2022 “Medical Laboratories – Requirements for Quality and Competence”